Morgan's Transport was founded in April 1991 with one Truck.

Our attention to detail and unrivalled customer service is a major part of our company's philoshophy. We strongly believe that if you provide good service, take a keen interest in the business and you work hard, you will succeed. With respect to service, Morgan's Transport sets a high standard by accurate management information. Our biggest asset is that we account fully for the business. A computerised system allows us to log details of every delivery made. This means that all deliveries are traceable. The sole aim was to provide a service to the Agricultural, Sugar and Timber industry. The Sugar cane which was transported in season mearnt that during off-crop which is roughly a period of 3-4 months, the sugar cane trucks were then utilised for the transport of timber and additional long distance transport. Our computerised system delivers data in customer reports on every thing from delivery times to the goods delivered and fuel consumption. We also have own own workshop facilities and a team of well trained technicians. We are currently running the latest of trucks and equipment in total six horse and trailer combined with a capacity of 36 tons. Our strength lies in driver escorted haulage where we offer our drivers comfortable and powerful trucks like the Mercedes and Actros. After all, they should be just as fresh and alert at their destination as the loads carried for our customers.